Feng Shui design consultations aim to make you aware of how your surroundings affect you and help you change your own space to deeply reflect who you are, achieve specific results and increase your overall well-being.


Feng Shui may involve small actions - such as moving the position of some furniture, change the colour of a carpet, adding a lamp or a piece of art - or larger renovations. This is your own choice. In both cases it gives you the chance to examine not only the space in which you live or work, but also your life, priorities, aims and desires.


Feng Shui consultations may happen onsite or offsite. This depends on the type of consultation that you choose, as well as your needs and location.


Feng Shui design consultations are extremely personalised and can be discussed by directly contacting me. However there are two broad types of consultations that you may want to consider: Feng Shui mapping and Room/Home Feng Shui Design.


Feng Shui Mapping consists in mapping your home - or office or any other space that you intend to work on - according to the Bagua map and offering advice concerning:

- the relation between your own space and the different areas of your life

- colours, materials and elements that would benefit each part of your space

- Feng Shui remedies to enhance your space

This consultation will enable you to relate your own space to your life and make yourself small changes to your space (and the corresponding areas of your life) by following the Feng Shui mapping.

This type of consultation can be easily made offsite. You will be asked to provide by email a floor plan (or sketch) of your home/flat/office, fill out a simple questionnaire and, if you wish, photographs of the space that you intend improve. You will then choose if you want to receive the result of your Feng Shui mapping by email or arrange a Skype meeting.


Room/Home Feng Shui Design is extremely personalised and flexible. It can be done either on or offsite, depending on your needs and location, and can be focused on:

- one individual room: this can be a specific room that you aim to change and improve within your home, or the room corresponding to an area of your life that you feel needs to be improved.

- your whole home, room by room.


All consultations are strictly confidential.


I am based in Glasgow (UK) and often travel to Rome (Italy).  Onsite consultations are thus available in Glasgow and throughout Scotland as well as in and around Rome.

Offsite consultations, for their online and distance-based nature, are not subject to any geographical boundaries.


For further details, prices or advice on what consultation would suit you best please fill the form in the 'Contact' page or send me an email at