I encountered Feng Shui as a natural development of my decade-long research into relations between creative practice and eastern/western philosophies, religions and aesthetics.


My study and research have always been stimulated by visual imagination in its different forms. After my MA in Art History and a Postgraduate Diploma in the Psychology of Art at Rome's “La Sapienza” University, I spent several years working as a researcher in Nepal and traveling through South and Southeast Asia, driven by a compelling desire to understand and investigate relations between artistic expression and human need. Direct contact with so-called ‘primitive societies’ in remote areas of the Himalayas and research into the ritual arts of Nepal and India helped me answer some of my questions.


Back in Europe, I was awarded a PhD studentship at the University of the West of Scotland, for practice-based research on the impact of myths and traditional beliefs on creative practice. This research was carried with the collaboration of Silpakorn University, in Bangkok, and I found Thailand a fertile ground for investigating the impact of old and new myths on contemporary daily life.


During my PhD research an interesting area of investigation opened up in the aesthetics and philosophy of space: how spaces and places have a reciprocal relationship with our past (memories), present (actions) and future (aims and desires). What started as a theoretical investigation forming part of my PhD dissertation progressively became an input for further practice-based research, in which I could combine my creative skills, knowledge gained during my time in South Asia and a desire to use my creative practice in improving people's lives.


My interest in Feng Shui was a natural consequence and in 2015 I was awarded a Diploma in Feng Shui Design at the New York Institute of Art and Design.


I am currently based in Glasgow (Scotland) and work as a freelance Feng Shui designer, visual and performance artist, and academic tutor in Art and Design at the Interactive Design Institute (Edinburgh).